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Our proprietary algorithm uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze the markets to generate signals that predict if the markets will go up or down



At Legacy Algo we believe in giving the edge back to traders. With the help from our Ai powered Algorithm based off quantitative analysis and data science.

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How does it work?

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Buy / Sell Signals

Real time alerts and non-repaint signals to increase your win rate

Trend Dashboard

Helps you define the trend on all time frames

Take Profits / Stop Loss Levels

Simplify your risk to reward with our ai generated entry, stop loss and take profits levels.

Ai Generated Support / Resistance Zones

R/S zones with Break out candle alerts 

24/7 Support / Trade Group

Easy and Professional

Continuous Free Updates

We update the algo with new functionalities / features all the time

After FREE Trial

We are so confident that you will see the value in Legacy Algo 3.0 that we give all members the first 7 days to trial it and see how effective it is.  After that it's the following investments below.



$29.99 a month

$49.99 a month

Legacy Algo and SMC / OB "Invite Only Indicators" for tradingview

BackTester Tool Included ($500 Value FREE)

Premium Strategies 

$1,199 one time

BackTester Tool Included

Premium Strategies

 Private Quant Trader Group 

Trading Robot Included

Life Time Access

Trading Ea/Robot

Inquire in support or for any custom bots

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Get the FREE version of Tradingview our Algo gives you 11+ quality indicators in one to save you from the premium version 

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Join our 400+ Members in our Trade Groups for Live trading at 9:30am Est, Our Algo and Winning Trading Strategies

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Backtest and optimize the Algo for any pair or time frame with our Back Tester Tool



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