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Algo | SMC Trading Course

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Legacy Algo's course is designed to provide technical literacy & bridge the gap between weaponless retail traders & the arsenal of institutional algorithms that started to enter the market the past few years. Alongside these algo's - new retail traders flooded the market with fresh order flow, and since then the game has forever changed. Traders must adapt or risk becoming obsolete.... In this Course you will learn the basics of trading as far as what markets to trade, best times to trade, candlestick patterns and terminology needed in our opinion initially to help you read the markets the right way. We talk about setting up a trading plan, "how to think like the banks", using algorithim's and robots to help you gain an edge in the financial markets. Finally how to get funded up to 2million+ without risking your own money and how to backtest your trading strategies with software to be able to take your strategy and automate it with a trading robot to fully automate your trading / investing.

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Algo Bot Trading

Algo Bot Trading

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