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Funding Program 


Our Funding Trader program's has been designed for traders that have experience in the markets. We have a a single phase and double phase evaluation which means that you only have to complete a one-phase evaluation to get access to funding or two percentage phases. We even have a Instant Funding Option for those who dont want to pass a challenge and wanting trading capital instantly.

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Our Improved Scaling Plan!


We believe our scaling plan is now the best in the funded trading industry.


With it, you can trade your way to trade up to a $2,500,000 real funded trading account.

  • No time restriction – first scale up as soon as you like, this could be in just 1 day

  • You can use your profit to fund your next scale up

  • You can chose to withdraw your profit – subject to new static max drawdown

  • Static drawdown always locked at scaled account size

The idea of scaling is that it gives traders much greater buying power, not more drawdown. This way, we can make scaling very simple without all the usual hurdles

  • We don't

  • Force traders to wait several months per each scale

  • Force consistency rules over a period of time (make a profit percentage each month for four months)

  • Prevent traders from withdrawing any of their own profit before or after they scale

  • Have a minimum number of trades required for scaling

  • We do

  • Allow traders to scale as often as once a day every day until $2,500,000

  • Allow traders to scale without waiting months

  • Allow traders to scale without consistency rules

  • Allow traders to scale as soon as they have the scaling profit target in their balance on their account

  • Withdrawals

You can withdraw before or after scaling, but withdrawals reduce your account balance and do not count towards the balance required for scaling.

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